Currently studying BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins.

My practice has always centered around the human. Fascinated by the body, existence and humanity I seek to use artistic practice to explore and express my concerns.

My current work is a process-based practice in which I use artistic mediums to reflect my interest in the digital evolution of humanity; attempting to creatively articulate and respond to the idea that digital technologies have rendered humanity unfixed. I use abstract imagery and let the fundamental points underpinning my research guide my practice, resulting in a series of transformative works that intertwine with one another.

My practice stems from a concern in the state of the human – what it means to live, evolve and experience the world around us. As the world becomes increasingly digitalised I have begun to question the effect that this has on both the body and our subjectivity. Due to our emersion in the digital world identity is now constantly shifting, reformed and enhanced. The modern day human no longer conforms to the Humanistic values of what it means to be a human and as boundaries are blurred, we have become unfixed.

As we constantly fluctuate between material and digital, organic and inorganic, in response, my work is created by continually working between these boundaries. The technique itself is a process of endless flux between the material and digital and the mutation of the abstract artwork highlights the uncertain, yet limitless development of the human.

I use painting to represent the organic and employ the use of digital technologies to transform and expand the work – much like digital technology has altered the way we experience the world and interact with one another. Therefore, the creation of outcomes is achieved through a range of mediums. The intermediality pushes the work further and creates a space with no boundaries, no limits. My practice, therefore, has become a journey where each new piece relates and responds to each other but keeps moving forward, resulting in an ongoing series of hybrid images.

The aesthetic retains an element of fluidity mirroring not only the process itself, but the fluidity we see in organic forms and the body. There is an effort to maintain a sense of movement throughout the artworks in reference to the ongoing growth and progression of life itself.

The term ‘unfixed’ is central to my practice and is used to inspire this process of continuous evolution. The metamorphosis of the image references the limitless development of humanity in a world that is constantly changing and where the organic is repeatedly manipulated and reformed beneath a veil of the digital.